WHO Team Following Chinese Propaganda Line

The WHO investigative team sent to Wuhan to identify the source of Covid-19 have suggested that future studies should focus on the transmission of Covid to Wuhan via frozen food products, mirroring a suggestion from the Chinese Communist Party that the virus did not originate in China but was imported in frozen food. Despite there having been an entire year between the outbreak of Covid and the beginning of the investigation, the team were able to rule out the possibility of Covid having leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where bat coronaviruses are studied. None of the animal samples the team collected from the Huanan wet market, the suspected source of the outbreak, tested positive for Covid. Given this, the Institute of Virology should have attracted scrutiny from the team. However, they claim that security measures at the laboratory make it “extremely unlikely” that the virus escaped the lab, despite admitting that such leaks have happened previously in other such labs.

Shi Zhengli, the director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, has claimed that the Covid-19 genome does not match any of the coronaviruses which her team have studied in her laboratory. However, a coronavirus discovered in Yunnan province, China, has a 96.1% genome match to Covid-19 and is a virus which Shi’s lab has studied. Are we to believe that the Chinese Government, which imposed sanctions on Australia for calling for an independent investigation into the source of Covid-19, is being transparent and is putting no undue pressure on the WHO team? Is it pure coincidence that the investigation’s findings support the propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party? Early on, the CCP suppressed reports of the outbreak, including “disappearing” and arresting journalists whose reports did not fit the propaganda line. How can we trust Ms. Shi’s testimony if she were under threat of imprisonment if her reports did not fit the party line?

The investigation by the WHO hardly seems independent, considering the WHO’s track record of pandering to the Chinese government. The WHO uncritically repeated information from the Chinese authorities in January 2020, and ignored warnings from Taiwanese officials about the pandemic, likely because China doesn’t recognize Taiwan as a state independent of Chinese control. In March 2020, WHO senior advisor Dr. Bruce Aylward refused to answer questions from a Hong Kong journalist about Taiwan’s Covid response, first pretending that the video-link had cut off. He eventually responded saying: “Well, we’ve already talked about China”. When pressed further, Dr. Aylward ended the call. This shows that WHO officials are beholden to the CCP line that Taiwan is a Chinese territory, despite Taiwan’s insistence of its independence. The WHO has lauded China’s pandemic response, though an independent panel of experts deemed it too slow, and proof of an attempted cover-up by the CCP has since been found.

It should be no surprise that the WHO team has concurred with the propaganda line of the CCP, they have been in concurrence since the beginning of the pandemic. No one with any common sense should believe the reports of an international organisation that is clearly beholden to a communist authoritarian government.

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