Every good fiction holds a fundamental truth

Tales of Terror from the Master’s Torture Chamber:

The Noumenonicon

Artur is sure he can see clearer than anyone else, but he hasn’t the words to express his wisdom in a way that others can accept. Clarity is galling when everyone lives in a cloud. A light in total darkness is a shadow. The Noumenonicon contains the words he cannot express, but is Artur too blind to read it?

It Creeps

When you turn out the light,
And there’s nothing in sight,
It creeps…
An immersive, narrative horror poem.

Killing in the Name

Detective Cassidy found Alan Walters dead, with a hole in his head. Two weeks later, he meets the mirror image of the victim, alive and well. His name? Alan Walters…

What You Made Me Do

Domestic violence heard through a wall is easily ignored. But what if you could hear it, word for word; feel it, punch for punch?

The Blood of the Covenant

Fiona has scratched a scarlet letter A into her own skin, now it’s eating her from the inside out. What does the A stand for? Can she keep it a secret from her mother? Or will it tear them both apart?

Playing With God: Part I

Jakin has lost his taste for food, drink, and sex. The only thrill left to him is murder. But when murder becomes too easy in a world ruled by Satan, how is he to sustain the thrill of the kill? By playing God? Or Playing With God?

Playing With God: Part II

God has had enough of Jakin’s games. He wants His vengeance. God plans to put a stop to his games once and for all, but will God act in time to save Jakin’s latest victim?

The Shadow of the Valley

Jamin’s rapid rise and fall was too much for his wife, Cynthia, to take. She couldn’t help but blame him, and he couldn’t help but lash out to silence her. Jamin is haunted by his guilt and something far more insidious. Jamin thought death was the end, but the end has no end…